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Fond Memories

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Fond Memories

Postby keenqueenslander » Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:18 pm

This is probably not the first time a silly old man has rambled on about a fishing trip that happened in his younger days, the only thing that might vary is this old mans ability to handle the facts accurately .I dare say I am not the first or the last to recollect memorable moments with mates and a few cleansing ales around a camp fire, each has heard it all before even to a point where these guys are finishing my sentences as I get interrupted by how's yours ? " yeah ill aver anothery while your there mate" without drawing breath proceed to repeat exactly word for word what my mate had already said.

I hope this is not sending you to sleep I will try to keep this short , an annual trip for our mob to hydro bay always on the long weekend November, a long time ago in the days of pitching the tent start the fire eating nothing green and everything came with charcoal ,the prize possession was the 9 gallon keg of boags best ale . On the first night after travelling up the mountain and on the track into hydro bay each drink came with a spoon .After 3 days on this high carb and carbon diet the morning constitutional was essential into the scrub being careful not to follow your mates footsteps too closely for obvious reasons one by one this ritual was like a well executed military exercise .

We had one mate always slept in, never had breakfast with us, always waiting at the boat for him to go fishing and this day was no different,so he is still asleep in the tent as Clem the last to go to the scrub returned and to our surprise he was holding a whip snake .So a plan was hatched to try and cure our little mate of sleep ins. The snake was curled up on his pillow with it eyes approximately 2 inches from his ,I must add the snake was dead when Clem found it( just so you know). Step 2 was to move a safe distance away as Tezza wasn't really a morning person but he was in bare feet so we felt safe at about 30 meters . Step3 was to gently call his name slowly getting louder as to ease him into his day we didn't want to scare him, this process was quite drawn out and had a feeling similar to lighting a fuse to a barrel of gunpowder and waiting for it to explode. I have to say the sight of seeing Tezzas full body imprint on every wall of that tent before he found the door that had been zipped up much to his distress will stay with me until the day I die. The laughter that morning of good friends enjoying each others company is to me the component of this wonderful pastime called fishing that last for ever .

It gets into your blood you cant get rid of it even after 20 years in Qld I cant stop looking forward to my visits to Tassie reliving memories around the camp fire with my fisho mates. Now its time for me to get some shut eye goodnight.
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Re: Fond Memories

Postby SMELLSLIKEFISH » Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:00 am

sounds like a story my step dad told me years ago , made me chuckle thanks!
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Re: Fond Memories

Postby JD>LURES » Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:52 am

Sounds like a a story my old uncle told me about when he was a powder monkey working on the Hydro many, many years ago.
Got a heap of lazy buggers out of their bunks and fleeing for the door of the barracks one morning with some painted dowl with fuses in them. LOL
As he said, some must have thought it was just a joke but NONE stayed to find out for sure LOL

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